Kcup and Loose Leaf Tea

The best tea in the world is not available in Kcups or tea bags. The best and the greatest variety comes as loose tea. As its name implies, it is the tea loose in a bag or can. The one that we are enjoying now is Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Tea -8.8oz Foil Bag.
However to use it with a Kcup you need a reusable kcup put in your machine. We have tried several but this one, EZ-Cup for Keurig Coffee Machines By Perfect Pod, seems to work the best.

Just put a little of your loose tea in your reusable kcup and brew. Most teas are strong enough that you can get 2 or 3 of the large cup from that one serving of tea. I also like to add Stevita Supreme – 50pkts – 1.8 oz / Packet. Stevia is much better for you than either sugar or nutrasweet/aspartame. Also, its herbally taste goes well with your tea.


Kcup Tea on the cheap

As easy as it is to brew k-cup tea and coffee, it is a little more expensive than using a regular tea bag or coffee maker. Each k-cup costs around 42 cents each. Which is way less expensive than going to your local coffee shop, but much more expensive than more traditional brewing methods.

Which begs the question, can the kcups be reused?

Here is what I discovered. If you run a cup through, the machine will not process another cup through that kcup, unless you open the brewing chamber and close it. What I do is:

Get a large heat-resistant container, I use a large measuring cup. For Iced Tea, I half fill with ice. Put it under the brewing area and brew a large tea. Reopen and close the brewing chamber, and select another large or medium. I have done this as many as three times. The first cup is a lot stronger than subsequent cups, but together they create a pretty mellow brew. I finish up by adding water to fill the container. I pour myself a glass and put the rest in the refrigerator for use the rest of the day. This reduces the cost of the kcups by at least half.

Try it, see what you think.


Keurig K-cup Tea & Coffee is so cool!

We just bought the Keurig k-cup coffee maker from Sam’s Club. The one we bought was the B66 Ultimate which includes 72 sample cups to get started.If you do not have a Sam’s Club nearby, you can purchase it at Amazon:Keurig B66 Single Serve Gourmet Coffee & Tea Brewing System.

It is pretty easy to setup. Remove the packing, install the water filter, add water, run a cleaning cycle and you are ready to brew!

We brewed my wife a cup of coffee with one of the included samples, Newman’s Own Keurig Single-Serving Coffee Pods/K-Cups ; Organic Special Blend, which she said was quite good. I tried the Earl Grey and made me a big batch of iced-tea with the included Bigelow Earl Grey Tea kcup.

I just order a 72-kcup tea sample from Amazon, Bigelow Tea K-Cup Variety Box Earl Grey Green Tea English Breakfast Tea Chamomile 72 Pack Variety Box, which I look forward to reviewing for you when it comes in next week.

Happy brewing!